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Education News Flash was established in 2020 as an online resource for news, commentary, and features on education in America. Its precursor, the HBCU Digest, was founded in 2010 to provide exclusive news coverage of historically Black colleges and universities.

It was founded by Jarrett Carter Sr., a 2003 graduate of Morgan State University.

Education News Flash is based in Baltimore, MD.

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News and commentary on American education.


Jarrett Carter Sr.

Founding Editor, HBCU Digest and Education News Flash 2010-2021

Tiffany E. Brockington

Miss Brockington is a double HBCU Alumna (Howard University and Kentucky State University). Miss Brockington can be reached at Brockington@HBCUDigest.com.

Herman Felton

Lifelong learner.

Orze Killgo

Graves Grad

Dr. Glenda Glover

President, Tennessee State University

Editorial Board

The voice of consensus for Education News Flash and it’s associated newsletters.

William Broussard

Rhetorician, Professor, Scholar, Advancement Exec. Associate Vice President-Advancement at Minnesota State Mankato. @DeadLecturer

Roslyn Clark Artis

Dr. Artis is the 14th and first female President of Benedict College.

Magana J. Kabugi, Ph.D.

Dr. Magana Kabugi (@ProfKabugi) is the Andrew W. Mellon Partners for Humanities Education Postdoctoral Fellow at Fisk University. His research focuses on African American literature and culture, history of higher education, and HBCU leadership.