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That Cop Going Viral For Giving a Kid Pushups Instead of Jail Time? An HBCU Grad.

The Most-Read Stories of 2016 From the HBCU Digest

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When an HBCU President Raps and It’s Caught on Video

How Will HBCUs Look if Talladega Performs in Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade?

HBCU Athletes Are Starting to Live on the SportsCenter Top 10 List.

More Than 30 Top PWIs Just Joined Forces to Recruit Students Away from HBCUs

Grambling Football is Back. But It Won’t Save the University

Five Reasons Why the Alabama State Board Was Right to Fire Gwendolyn Boyd

What the Hell Happened to Jim Brown?

Spelman College's Dorian Crosby

This Spelman Professor’s Research Reveals Surprising Political Perspectives of AUC Students

We’re in it together. Keep the faith.

Spelman College's Dorian Crosby

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Would You Bet on an HBCU Football Game?

Ever Wondered How HBCU Presidents Lobby For Additional Money from Congress?

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - Xavier University's Danielle Haney

And a Biggie quote? *Greatest Medium post of all time*

I don’t know about the tech side of things, but being relatively new to the Medium community, I…

From an HBCU to Ivy League to an NIH Science Policy Fellowship

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - Xavier University's Danielle Haney

This HBCU Graduate Leads One of the Top-Performing High Schools in the World

Tiffany Huitt

Tiffany Huitt

Wait a minute…Vine is still live?

Inside UNCF’s Plan to Help 54,000 HBCU Students Find Better Jobs After Graduation

Roslyn Clark-Artis and Edward Smith-Lewis

Roslyn Clark-Artis and Edward Smith-Lewis

How Louis Stokes Changed HBCU History

There Couldn’t Possibly Be a Worse Time for Bennett, Saint Augustine’s to be on Accreditation…

Just think, if black folks decide to invest in our own media.

HBCU Humanities Remains a Powerful Element of Development for Black Communities

Dope. But aren’t you suggesting that people who use the terms should apologize for usage of them?

Morehouse Alum, Nielsen Senior Vice President Andrew McCaskill

Nielsen Senior Vice President Andrew McCaskill

Nielsen Senior Vice President Andrew McCaskill

We Call Them Coons and Racists, But They Are Giving Millions to HBCUs

Where Have All The Black Women HBCU Presidents Gone?

The Return of the Bayou Classic

North Carolina Central Chancellor Debra Saunders-White Dies

Why Won’t Steve Harvey Fix This Alabama State Situation?

Howard is Looking for a Football Coach. It Shouldn’t Look Far to Find Henry Frazier

HBCUs Need More Fake News

Southern System President Ray Belton: ‘Bayou Classic Ticket Sales Set to Surpass Pre-Katrina…

HBCU Digest Presidential Series

Southern University System President Ray Belton

Southern University System President Ray Belton

HBCU Digest Radio Channel Guide

I think if journalists messed up anything, it was trying to keep up with the rise of fake and…

FAMU’s Ibram Kendi, Not Homecoming, Not Mannequin Challenges, Matters Most to HBCUs

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence

North Carolina Central University's Jonathan Sexton

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - North Carolina Central University's Jonathan Sexton

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - North Carolina Central University's Jonathan Sexton

Ya’ll upgrading, ha?

SUNO Chancellor Finalist Boyce Williams Withdraws From Search

How Did Southern Commit Hundreds of NCAA Athletics Violations?

Great update!

Why Does South Carolina State Still Owe a $6 Million Loan?

Performance-Based Funding is Slowly Killing Tennessee State, FAMU

Have Ya’ll Noticed That HBCU Football is Great Again?


To be somewhat fair, I think he has to do it to avoid civil war.

Rodney Harrison Can’t Help It

How Donald Trump Made Everybody Hate the Media

Can HBCUs Out-Fundraise , Out-Recruit the Donald Trump Effect?

America in a nutshell.

I totally understand and feel the frustration.

All facts. A failed democracy broken down into pieces.

Ya’ll just gonna shade Roland Martin’s TV One watch night party?

The Greatest Show of Angry White Pettiness in the History of the World

Will HBCUs Survive a Donald Trump Presidency?

Albany State Football Throws Shade, But Tuskegee-Virginia State is About to Be Lit

Florida, North Carolina HBCUs Are Ground Zero in Final Hours Leading Up To Presidential Election

Did Morgan State Endorse a Candidate for Mayor Last Week?

Is Miles Becoming the HBCU Homeland Security Capital of the South?

Black Folks Know Exactly What We Need to Do in This Election

VERY impressive, but you omitted the classic Kobe/Laker bench embarrassed celebration.

Even if not artistically or historically strong, it’s still an extraordinarily important work.

Burn. LMAO

Just Wait Until ‘Atlanta’ Does an Episode on HBCUs in Season 2

Now Gwendolyn Boyd is Out at Alabama State? How Many Presidents Can HBCUs Fire in a Year?

Dillard Should’ve Been The Last Place For Black Students to Get Pepper Sprayed

Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough

Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough

Nathan Deal Hits Us With the Rare ‘Colored People’ Macroaggression

Black Journalists, Can We Please Stop Putting HBCUs Back in the 1860's?

Perfect Timing for Rod Paige at Jackson State

HBCU Digest Radio — Claflin President Henry Tisdale

Claflin University President Henry Tisdale

Claflin University President Henry Tisdale

Hillary Clinton Laughed at an Iota and Learned GHOE Do’s and Don’ts, but Can HBCUs Save Her…

Given that Facebook wants to be THE Internet, and wants to predict what users will want and need…

OPINION: For HBCUs, Proposals Show Hillary Clinton is the Only Choice


I have literally used the uncut ‘Why you always lyin’ Vine in serious editorial about higher…

They’re Shutting Down Vine, So Here is the Ultimate HBCU Vine Comp

Thanks so much for featuring the HBCU Digest! We greatly appreciate it!

Black Republicans Say Donald Trump Can Make HBCUs Great Again…But Ya’ll Playing

George Jefferson. In the minds of white folks.

We Joke About Ramen Noodles, But Is Hunger a Growing Issue at HBCUs?

Is Kappa Alpha Psi Taking Over HBCU Leadership?

Why Everyone But Dillard is Going Crazy About a Former KKK Grand Wizard Coming to Dillard

Jackson State President Carolyn Meyers Announces Resignation

How Nicholas Perkins won Howard Homecoming

Howard University School of Business Dean Barron Harvey & Perkins Management CEO Nicholas Perkins

Howard University School of Business Dean Barron Harvey & Perkins Management CEO Nicholas Perkins

The Alcorn State Football Story That Matters Most

Good points.

How Claflin Raised $105 Million

My sense in building what is, a preliminary list of institutions and locations, is to begin…

I believe it may be time.

How Bad is it at Jackson State?

How Are Folks Getting These Jobs at Grambling?

Dr. Glenn,

Can HBCUs Create a Black Silicon Valley?

Sounds good, except that UA already has a police force and could afford to pay for extra officers…

Report: Jackson State Cash Reserves Down $33 Million in Four Years

Carolyn Meyers Not Fired, Hasn’t Resigned as Jackson State President

HBCUs Receive More Than $30 Million in STEM Development Funding

With Koch Brothers, UNCF Walks Fine Line Between Partnership and Pandering

‘Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Gives $10,000 to HBCU

What Happened to Brian Jenkins?

While continually sad that algorithms have me rebuilding my business model from the ground up, I…

Awesome news.

That One Time When the Magic City Classic Made More Than Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Meharry Grad Tamika Cross Says Delta Barred Her From Aiding with Medical Emergency

Winston-Salem State Football Breaks Out HBCU Haka Chant

Morehouse President Responds to Alumni Petition

Albany State, Virginia State Named to $47 Million National Principal Training Initiative

Robert DeNiro Out-Trumps Donald Trump

New York Times to Donald Trump: Bring it, Bitch

Former Texas Southern President Drops Epic HBCU Twitter Rant

Fact Checking President Obama on HBCUs

Spot on. Atlanta is the best show on television, and appointment viewing for black millennials.

Morgan State to Launch Cultural Competency Partnership with Baltimore City Police

As a content creator writing about issues for minority audiences, the new algorithm has KILLED my…

Morehouse Leaders Affirm Support for President John Wilson

Exclusive: Mr. Morgan State Andrew Mitchell Addresses ‘All Lives Matter’ Promotion

Mr. Morgan State University Andrew Mitchell

Mr. Morgan State University Andrew Mitchell

Really great post for those of us who feel obligated to write a book, but, just aren’t that into it.

Black Hollywood is Perfect Sample Size for Just How Much HBCUs Matter

When All Lives Matter at an HBCU

Morehouse Alumni Call For Ouster of President John Wilson

High HBCU Hopes for BET’s ‘The Quad’

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Indefensible’ Ad

HBCUs 100 Percent Compliant on Federal Loan Default Standards

An HBCU Love-Hate Thang at Lincoln

ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’ Faces a Presidential ‘L’ With HBCU Town Hall

Women Leading Patriotic Movement in HBCU Sports

White Girl in Blackface at an HBCU

The Finale on CIAA Basketball Tournament Falls Short

Thanks so much for reading and your comment.

Tuskegee Mourns Death of Former President Benjamin Payton

Saying Goodbye to Black America’s Greatest Generation

Lord have mercy, preach it.

Why Do Republicans Hate Higher Education?

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence — Howard’s Kristin Carothers

HBCU Voices in STEM Excellence - Clinical Psychologist Kristin Carothers

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - Howard U Alumna, Clinical Psychologist Kristin Carothers

HBCU Alumni Deserve More Credit for Serving Our Schools

Alpha Kappa Alpha Rho Xi Omega Chapter 'Think HBCU' College Fair

Alpha Kappa Alpha Rho Xi Omega Chapter 'Think HBCU' College Fair

Diddy Donates $1 Million to Howard

Why HBCU Students Don’t Trust The Media

Thanks for the comment.

No ‘Atlanta’ on FX?

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: A Breakdown of the Federal Strategy to Close HBCUs

SIAC Announces Partnership with Bevel

The Marching 100 Shines at the 5th Quarter Classic

The Case For, and Against, Paine College

Can HBCU Presidents Field Punts?

Can Professional Bootcamps Take HBCUs to the Next Level?

Elmira Mangum Steps Down as FAMU President

Paul Quinn Featured on PBS NewsHour

Bowie State President Mickey Burnim Announces Retirement

In North Carolina, it Ain’t Easy Being Black, Gay, or the CIAA

HBCU Football Success and Fails — Week 2

Tennessee State, Tom Joyner Announce HBCU Secondary STEM Teacher Scholarship

Louisiana HBCUs in Financial Jeopardy

My whole reason of moving my site,,

Five Events HBCU Alumni Should Attend This Fall…

Just Wow…

What Happens When Hero Presidents Leave HBCUs?

And then, “reduced to rubble” hit the airwaves.

It’s Not a Good Idea for HBCUs to Skip on the OWN Network

VIDEO — ‘If Hogwarts Was an HBCU’

WATCH — Morehouse School of Medicine Professor Hadiyah-Nicole Green Talks Groundbreaking Cancer…

For Racism, Can We Hurry Up and Get to the ‘Enough’ Threshold?

Why ITT’s Collapse Actually Matters Most to HBCUs

Howard’s Carla Hall Sets the Cookbook Industry Straight

When Black Students Call Their PWI an HBCU, It’s a Beautiful Thing

HBCU Football Success and Fails — Week 1

Thanks so much for reading!

The Best Way to Defeat a Crooked HBCU Board

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence: Alcorn State’s Caleph Wilson

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - Alcorn State's Caleph Wilson

HBCU Voices of STEM Excellence - Alcorn State's Caleph Wilson

HBCUs With Enrollment Increases

FYI — Anonymity is a safe space.


Your opinion is like so many of the other veterans who have spoken out on this issue — black…

What a wonderful opportunity, and one I wish could be duplicated at American historically black…

Recommending HBCU Digest Stories

Why the ‘More With Less’ HBCU Narrative is Dead

How Are HBCUs Performing?

Clark Atlanta’s Growing Pains

How Howard U Took Over the Media

Life After Mangum: What’s Next for FAMU?

A Tale of Title IX Campus Compliance Confusion

I appreciate you reading and commenting — thank you.

Thurgood Marshall Launches Student Loan Repayment Support Campaign

Larry Wilmore and the Tragic Heroism of Intelligent Blackness

Great piece, but I think a large part of the transformation of journalism is technology, human…

Love this.

What Do Chinese Students Think About HBCUs?

How the RNC Can Earn Black Folks’ Trust

I would venture to say that Deadspin has to be at minimum top five, considering the amount of news…

The HBCU Tech Revolution

I came to Medium thinking it was the intelligent alternative to content and comments on Gawker…

Coach K is not going to go a-hole on grown men he respects, but I do agree Carmelo should take a…

Should Spelman Admit Transgender Students?

Preach. And what makes it easy to digest for too many, is the false narrative that we’re typically…

This. Value as commodity, not life. But we dont see the connections to slavery…

Bennett President to Resign

John Oliver Breaks Journalism All the Way Down

Well played, the whole way through.

Five National Headlines Built for HBCU Influence

Why Militant is the New Black Excellence

Remember when this was enough to derail a campaign?

North Carolina Central Chancellor Announces Leave of Absence to Kick Cancer’s Ass

When Predominantly White Schools Screw Up

I’m new to Medium and love the platform, but you hit on some key points I’ve noticed in which posts…

Rio Olympics Put HBCU Athletes on International Stage

HBCU Cities, Police Shootings and Running Man Challenges

I totally didn’t get that at all.

Love this. What a unique take on race, class, and privilege. Thanks for this.

HBCUs React to Day One of Texas Campus Carry Laws

Johnson C. Smith President Ronald Carter to Resign

[Letter to the Editor] What Happened to Saint Augustine’s University?

Well put. And I thought I was just here because I couldn’t afford Wordpress VIP.

Totally agree.

For Financial Stability, HBCUs Must Release the ‘Everything Must Go’ Mentality

Remember That Time Marilyn Mosby Saved Baltimore?

The Son of Grambling vs. Grambling State University

Great piece.

Why People Are Giving More to HBCUs

Saint Augustine’s President Everett Ward Elected Alpha Phi Alpha President

Watch the 2016 HBCU Awards Ceremony

HBCU Presidents Issue National Call for Reducing Gun Violence

The Quiet War on Private HBCUs

Roland Martin’s HBCU Evolution

2016 HBCU Awards Winners

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Joshua Harris

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Joshua Harris

The Death of the HBCU Digest

On HBCUs, Wendy Williams Says Exactly What Most of Us Have Been Living

Applicants for Grambling State Presidency Revealed

Alton Sterling Makes Southern, Grambling Next Up to Make the Case for True Justice

New Details in Hampton Alumna Reckless Driving Arrest

Virginia State Alum to Be Named First Black Chief Judge of 4th Circuit Court

Report: James Ammons to Remain at FAMU

Dillard Breaks Alumni Giving Records

SIAC Extends Broadcast Partnership with ASPiRE TV

Clark Atlanta Suspends Men’s Track Team

Paine Raises More Than $3 Million in Campaign to Save School

Howard Alumna Emmy Victor Attacked, Called ‘N*gger’ While Reporting

It’s Time For Grambling Alumni to Select The Next President

Grambling Alumnus Open Letter Cites Scandal, Suffering at Hands of UL System Board

Is the HBCU Presidential Search in Jeopardy?

South Carolina State President James Clark’s Post-Appointment Speech

Alabama State’s Mervyl Melendez Named Florida International Baseball Coach

Joseph Johnson Named Virginia Union Acting President

South Carolina State Vice-Chair Named Permanent President

SCSU Officials Refute Presidential Rumors

Sources: SCSU Board Chairman Expected to Be Named President

NC Budget Proposal Includes Tuition Cuts for Elizabeth City State

Grambling VP Leon Sanders Named ‘Person In Charge’

FAMU Alumna Star Swain Goes Viral…Again

Community Must Make the Case for Coppin State

Alcorn State Mourns Former Football Star Tollette ‘Tonka’ George

NC Senator: Two HBCUs “Begging” Back In for SB873

Fort Valley State AD Joshua Murfree Resigns

Paine Faculty Appeal for ‘Investment’ from Board Leadership

Southern to Host ‘HBCU Big Data’ Conference

Alabama A&M Extends Andrew Hugine Through 2020

Jackson State’s Jelani Zarif Wins International Prostate Cancer ‘Young Investigator’ Award

Grambling State President Willie Larkin Resigns

Grambling Women’s Basketball Coach Nadine Domond Resigns

FAMU Earns $25 Million in Performance-Based Funding

Sources: U. of Louisiana Supervisors to Fire Grambling President Willie Larkin

Former NBA Player Todd Day Named Philander Smith Men’s Basketball Coach

Saving HBCUs That Don’t Want to be Saved

Accreditation Warning Status Lifted for Alabama State, Band to be Featured in Major Motion Picture

Howard’s ‘Redemption Song’ Interlocks Race, Sports and Education

Bennett Raises More Than $720,000 During Alumnae Weekend

Paine to Lose Accreditation

NCAA Strips Norfolk State of 2011 MEAC Football Championship

South Carolina State, Virginia State Removed From Accreditation Probation, Warning

Alumni Petition Calls For Transparency in Fayetteville State Food Service Contract

FAMU Mourns Loss of Alumnus Killed in Orlando Massacre

Dept of Ed ‘Predatory Colleges’ Program Could Harm HBCUs

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Norfolk State Admissions Director Juan Alexander

Elmira Mangum Can’t Lose, But FAMU Already Has

Bethune-Cookman Nursing Retains Accreditation, Boosts Licensure Pass Rates

FAMU Alumni, Former Presidents Call for Non-Renewal of Mangum’s Contract

Barber-Scotia Leases Majority of Campus to Startup Sports University

Donald Palm Named Provost at Virginia State

Kevin Porter Named Fort Valley State Head Football Coach

First They Came For For-Profits: Are HBCUs Next On the Feds’ Kill List?

HBCU Alums Accuse Georgia Higher Ed Chancellor of Discrimination

Grambling President Joins Morgan State Delegation During Cuba Visit, Releases Strategic Plan

Virginia State Alumna Deshauna Barber Named Miss USA

SOCIAL — HBCU Presidents Pay Tribute to Muhammad Ali

J. Murray Gibson Named Dean of FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Virginia State Extends Lonnie Blow Through 2021

Can HBCUs Solve Their Athletic Recruiting Crisis?

WSSU Trustees Call, Cancel Emergency Meeting Day After Controversial Comments from Chancellor

Winston-Salem State Chancellor Offers Optimism, Support for SB873

Alabama State, Auburn Add Second Contest for 2021

North Carolina’s Senate Bill 873 Removes HBCU Name Change Proposal, Sent Back to Committee

Ken Spencer Named Fayetteville State Men’s Basketball Coach

Tuskegee Veterinary Grads to Star in Animal Planet Reality Show

James Ammons Named Provost at Delaware State

Howard Alum Gerald Hector Named VP of Finance at Cornell

Claflin Baseball Honored by South Carolina Legislature

Petition Calls for Action Against FAMU Board, State Government

UNC Faculty Blast North Carolina’s SB873

NewsOne Now Talks North Carolina’s Senate Bill 873

Legendary Jackson State Football Coach Bob Hill Dies

State Involvement Delays South Carolina State Presidential Search

Xavier’s Alan Green Named National Tennis Coach of the Year

City of Orangeburg Pledges $1M Gift if South Carolina State Keeps Accreditation

HBCU Voice Podcast on CIAA, North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill

Delaware State Launches Admission, Scholarship Initiative for Children of Undocumented Immigrants

VIDEO — Howard President Wayne Frederick Discusses HBCU Culture, Challenges

VIDEO — Reggie Barlow Accepts Virginia State Head Coaching Position

HBCU vs. PWI — The Questions We Really Should Be Asking and Answering

Howard Signs Apparel Deal with Under Armour

SOCIAL — @CharityCSports Asks: What White Employer Would Hire an HBCU Grad?

LeMoyne-Owen’s Anthony Smith Competes on Golf Course, Against Sickle Cell Disease

Florida Lawmakers Discuss Disparities Between Florida State, FAMU

VIDEO — Prince and the FAMU Marching 100 at the Super Bowl

Bethune-Cookman is Latest Example of Growing HBCU Economic Ecosystem

The NCAA, HBCUs and the Lies We Tell to Get Along

VIDEO — Grambling State Holds Strategic Plan Public Briefing Session

FAMU Pharmacy Among Nation’s Best in Funded Research

T. Ramon Stuart Named Fort Valley State Provost

VIDEO — Jackson State Addresses Michelle Obama Commencement Changes

Can Students “Take Back” an HBCU That “Isn’t Theirs?”

Do HBCUs Care About Research?

Tennessee State Forms Advisory Committee for FOCUS Transition

SIAC, Coca-Cola Ink Five-Year Sponsorship Agreement

HBCU Fashion Line Returns With Kickstarter Campaign

Are Students Reframing Narratives of LGBTQ Acceptance at HBCUs?

Does Essence ‘Best Colleges for Black Students’ List Help or Hurt HBCUs?

John Stallworth Got his NFL Draft Call in Alabama A&M Dorm

Louisiana Faces 66 Percent Cut to College Scholarship Program

Community, Developer Reach Agreement on Morgan State Student Housing Project

Michelle Obama and HBCUs — An Imperfect Union, but a Union Nonetheless

Study: HBCUs Pay More For Bonds Than White Colleges

Unfairly, Campus Crime Feeds HBCU Irrelevance Narratives

Siblings Latest Gift Totals $500K in Support of Tennessee State

Morris Brown Receives $900K Grant to Fight Atlanta HIV/AIDS Epidemic

VIDEO — On the Yard: Celebration Bowl Edition

VIDEO — Bennett President Emerita Julianne Malveaux Talks Obama, HBCUs

Amid Black Taxes and Anti-Gay Bills, at Some Point, the CIAA Has to Stand For Something

VIDEO — One Shining HBCU Moment

Another Glaring Tale of HBCU Disparity in East Carolina

BET and HBCUs — Where Did the Love Go?

Why Did FAMU Boosters Get Athletic Parking Revenue in the First Place?

How Black Legislators Get Backed Down on HBCU Advocacy

VIDEO — How ‘A Different World’ Led 9th Wonder to NCCU, Life as a Professor

VIDEO — Alabama State, Steve Harvey Announce Turkey Day Classic Partnership

Stillman President to Resign in 2017

AAMU Professor Fired for Sex With Students Sues University, Cites Whistleblower Retaliation

Winning the Wars to Save HBCUs Starts With Honest Look at Leadership

Congresswoman Alma Adams Proposes $250 Million HBCU Innovation Fund

Could ZeeMee Set a New Future for HBCU Admissions Strategy?

FAMU Trustees Vote in Support of SGA Elections Judicial Appeal

VIDEO — Fashion Advice from Morehouse Alum, GQ Style Columnist Mark Anthony Green

FAMU Trustees to Hold Emergency Meeting

With Sex Scandal, Alabama Governor Loses Moral, Financial Authority on HBCUs

Bennett Alumna Donates SXSW Prize Money to Alma Mater

Morgan State Students Criticize Convocation Invitation for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

SOCIAL — Thurgood Marshall President, UNC President Visit NCA&T

Study: Kentucky State Faculty Less Than 25 Percent Black

Dawn Brown Out as PVAMU Women’s Basketball Coach

FAMU Student Government Elections Spark Outrage, Allegations Against President

White Colleges Are Learning How to “Out-HBCU” Black Colleges

VIDEO — North Carolina A&T Students Speak Out Against Campus Voting District Divide

Tougaloo Alumna Karen Weaver Works to Save Flint, MI as New Mayor

Bowie State Redefines HBCU S.T.E.M. Excellence with Ei2 Initiative

VIDEO — Texas Southern Alum, Ravens CB Tray Walker Dies Following Accident

VIDEO — Tuskegee Alum, Nick Mosby Debuts First Mayoral Campaign Ad

FAMU Jumps in Florida’s Performance-Based Funding Rankings

HBCU Alumni Must Connect the Dots in North Carolina

NC Passes Connect NC Bond; HBCUs to Receive $190 Million in New Facilities, Renovations

Morehouse Presidency in Focus for Alumni Elections

SUNO Chancellor Victor Ukpolo Announces Resignation

Southern Football Player Questions Student, Campus Leadership in Open Letter

Virginia Union’s Kiana Johnson Scores 49 in Lady Panthers’ Sweet 16 Win

By Cutting Programs, Can HBCUs Build Competitiveness?

Elizabeth City State’s Downfall Should Be a Test Case for HBCU Resilience

The Real Reason Why North Carolina A&T, HBCUs Will See Surges in Applications

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — TM2 HBCU Search Firm

VIDEO — Howard’s Ta-Nehisi Coates Talks Becoming Lead Writer for Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

HBCU Excellence is Easy to Find, But Hard to Sell

Keeping Deni Dedmon: How HBCUs Must Prepare Incoming Students For Reality and Success

Will Georgia Take the ‘HBCU’ Out of Albany State?

Why is Everyone But HBCUs Making Money Off Of HBCU Marching Bands?

Alfred Street Baptist ‘This is My Story’ Series Features Morgan State’s Bill Brown

NCCU’s Ryan Smith Impresses at NFL Scouting Combine

Arresting Officer in Sandra Bland Case Fired

HBCUs: The Next Frontier in Commercial, Residential Real Estate Development?

Solving the HBCU Application Enigma

Oakland Raiders Sign Fort Valley State Alum Marquette King to Long Term Deal

In Maryland, Racism is a Commodity Higher Education Can No Longer Afford

VIDEO — Huston-Tillotson President Talks Black Underrepresentation in STEM Majors

Adrian Jones Named Shaw Head Football Coach

FAMU Alum Avido Khahaifa Named to Dual Editor, Publisher Role with Orlando Sentinel

What HBCUs Can Learn From Donald Trump

Southern Preps for Return of Football Player Devon Gales

Hampton Poll: Virginia Voters Would Choose Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump

Maryland HBCU Faculty Plan Rally at State Capitol

Virginia State, Virginia Union Take CIAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Titles

VIDEO — HBCU Gameday Previews CIAA Tournament Title Game

Fitz Hill to Resign as Arkansas Baptist President

Alabama A&M Trustee Censured for Misconduct, Ethics Charges

Employee Morale: The Holy Grail of HBCU Success

Why Mid-Term Elections Matter Most to HBCU Communities

Why Mid-Term Elections Matter Most to HBCU Communities

VIDEO — HBCU Alumni Discuss Black College Value at White House

Delaware State Baseball Jousts with George Washington During Rain Delay

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Have Love for HBCUs, But No Words for States Trying to Eliminate Them

Tennessee State Moves Closer to Independent Board Governance

Grambling State Reveals List of Top Issues Facing University

White Folks’ Fear and Loathing in Charlotte’s CIAA Tournament

What’s In a Name? For North Carolina Legislators, a Chance to Terminate HBCUs

Michelle Howard-Vital Named Florida Memorial Provost

Morgan State President Claims Legislative Victory Over Governor’s Jail Proposal

Willie Larkin: “Grambling is Fighting for Her Life; I Am Her Healer”

Rodney Ellis Named SUSLA Chancellor

Maryland Black Legislators Win Battle For HBCUs, But Remain On the Wrong Side of the War Front

Fort Valley State Receives $200K Grant for Peanut Preservation Research

Hampton Graduate DJ BabeyDrew Wins Grammy

Southern Supervisors to Review SUNO Chancellor’s Performance

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Bethune-Cookman Alum, Reddit Journalism/Media Head Mark Luckie

Norfolk State Basketball Players Find Romance On, Off Court

Morehouse Sets Out a Hop, Media Buys Into HBCU Stereotypes

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton — Who is the Real HBCU Candidate?

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton — Who is the Real HBCU Candidate?

The Louisiana Dilemma: The HBCU Problem and Modern Higher Education

Grambling Faculty Senate Votes ‘No Confidence’ in President Willie Larkin

Tanaya Walters Named Clark Atlanta Vice President of Student Affairs

VIDEO — Hampton President Talks History-Making Lacrosse Team

VIDEO — Hampton President Talks History-Making Lacrosse Team

Coverage of the Louisiana Budget Crisis, Impact on HBCUs

Hampton Lacrosse Makes Sports History

Tennessee Promise Proves Worthy Test Case on How to Dismantle HBCUs

Hillary Clinton Receives CBC Endorsement, HBCU Alumni in Caucus Hold Differing Views

Angela Bassett Launches HBCU Tour in Support of Hillary Clinton

Budget Cuts May Force Kentucky State to Close, Says President

Time to Get Rich — Reevaluating the HBCU Model of Career Preparation

Morgan State Football Coach Leaving for NFL

PVAMU Alumna Nathelyne Kennedy Named ‘Houston Engineer of the Year’

VIDEO — Perspectives from the Final HBCU Swim Meet

Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ Creates New Opportunities for HBCU Academics, Appreciation

How HBCUs Won With Super Bowl 50 Social Media Exposure

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Southern Head Football Coach Dawson Odums

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — FAMU Board Chairman Cleve Warren, President Elmira Mangum

VIDEO — Alcorn State Introduces Fred McNair as Permanent Head Football Coach

Finalists Revealed for SUSLA Chancellor Vacancy

Delaware State, Black Journalists Nationwide Mourn Death of Michael Feeney

HBCUs, Federal Government Must Find Middle Ground of Accountability

Jay Hopson Named Southern Mississippi Head Coach

Cy Alexander Resigns as A&T Basketball Coach, Moves to Broadcast Team

Southern System President: “Southern Has No Anticipation of Ever Closing”

Paul Quinn Headlines HBCU Partners in Oakland Youth Education Initiative

Virginia State Football Coach Resigns, Headed for James Madison

Alabama A&M Receives Post-Season Ban in All Sports

Digest Five — Five Signs a State is Trying to Merge, Close an HBCU

VIDEO — Paine Fighting to Rightsize Finances, Accreditation Status

Why Kenny Jones’ HBCU Lies Cost More Than Just His Reputation

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Dr. Mary Evans Sias

Hampton Clarifies Bill Cosby Trustee Status

Celebrate the Drum Major by Bringing the Band Back Together

VIDEO — Detroit Pistons Retire Jersey of Virginia Union Alum Ben Wallace

HBCUs and Obama: Strangers in the Silhouette of Blackness

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Bennett President Rosalind Fuse-Hall, Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions President Diane Gabriel

Alabama A&M Temporarily Bans Hoverboards on Campus

North Carolina A&T Joins Coalition in Support of Connect NC Bond Plan

Howard Makes The Right Call on WHUT Auction Options

Stillman, Alabama Football Punctuates Tale of Inequity in Tuscaloosa

VIDEO — Albany State’s Rose Bowl Parade Appearance

As Norfolk State Basketball Player Fights Out of Coma, Community Surrounds With Support

Southern Announces Several Dean Appointments

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Barber Scotia Alumna A. Kim McTillmon

HBCU Digest Podcast Series — Cerese D Jewelry

While Some Officials Protest UT Expansion Into Houston, Texas Southern President Lends Support

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