Sitemap - 2021 - Education News Flash

Daily Briefing - Dec. 16, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: Ralph Lauren Foundation Gives $2 million to HBCUs

HBCU DIGEST: Tennessee State President named to White House HBCU Advisory Board

HBCU DIGEST: Deion Sanders' star search demands more corporate buy-in for HBCU athletics

K-12 DIGEST: NYC officials say no plans for systemwide covid shutdown

K-12 DIGEST: Could bad educational policy in Idaho cost the state big business?

K-12 DIGEST: Pension system broadens inequity in Connecticut school systems

HIGHER ED DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 6, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 6, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 6, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: ITC Denied Accreditation Reaffirmation, Placed on Warning

K-12 DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 2, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 2, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 1, 2021

HIGHER ED DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 1, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: Daily Briefing - Dec. 1, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: HBCU Presidents, Chancellors Write to US Senate in Support of Build Back Better Legislation

HBCU DIGEST: Gift from Maryland HBCU lawsuit attorneys puts appropriate finish on historic victory

HIGHER ED DIGEST: Kyle Rittenhouse should be allowed to go to college

K-12 DIGEST: Petition seeks to dissolve Nebraska Board of Education

HBCU DIGEST: Sources: White House Close to Naming Executive Director for HBCU Initiative

HBCU DIGEST: NCCU, Fayetteville State at opposite ends of UNC System leadership maneuvering

HBCU DIGEST: The Rise and Impact of Weaponized HBCU Student Activism

K-12 DIGEST: Education is the new vehicle for GOP outreach to an increasingly moderate America

HBCU Digest: The End of the Howard University Blackburn Takeover

HBCU DIGEST: HBCU leaders are suffering from climate change

HBCU DIGEST: Digest After Dark -- The Upside of Down

HIGHER ED DIGEST: Is the value of a college degree decreasing?

HBCU DIGEST: Truth & Service is on life support

HBCU DIGEST: Howard protest is stuck on stupid

HBCU DIGEST: Why the NBA believes and invests in HBCUs

HBCU DIGEST: D'Wayne Edwards on the return of Detroit's PENSOLE Lewis College of Business & Design

HBCU DIGEST: Mass shooting is latest chapter in lack of leadership response to violence at Grambling State

HBCU DIGEST: It's official: Biden Administration has HBCUs in the rearview mirror

HIGHER ED DIGEST: Harvard endowment exceeds $53 billion

HIGHER ED DIGEST: University of Georgia System eliminates faculty tenure system

HBCU DIGEST: Alcorn State students, faculty call for resignation of president Felecia Nave

K-12 DIGEST: Tennessee looks to overhaul public school funding formula

HBCU DIGEST: Shuttered HBCU in Detroit seeks to Reopen

HBCU DIGEST: HBCU presidents get political on Biden budget fight

K-12 DIGEST: Job loss in public education prompts concerns from U.S Labor Secretary

Why I’m Leaving the HBCU Digest

HBCU DIGEST: Digest After Dark: The Lost Episode

HBCU DIGEST: October 6, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: Timberview High School Shooting: What we know so far and what we should want to know

HBCU DIGEST: Pennsylvania lawmakers eye funding model that could harm Cheyney, Lincoln

K:12 DIGEST: The economics of COVID in Florida K-12 schools

HBCU DIGEST: The Alabama A&M presidential search delivers the unexpected

HIGHER ED DIGEST: Finalists announced for Marshall presidency

HBCU DIGEST: Philander Smith Extends President Roderick Smothers for Five Years

HBCU DIGEST: Why is the media working so hard this week to shut down HBCUs?

WATCH: UDC School of Law launches partnership with Black woman-owned apparel company

WATCH: Div9ne Fitness owners talk outreach to HBCU, Pan-Hellenic communities

HIGHER ED DIGEST: September 27, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: September 27, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: September 27, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: Are Democrats about to fumble the HBCU agenda?

HBCU DIGEST: Alumni Associations must seek better alignment with their HBCUs

HBCU DIGEST: September 23, 2021

HIGHER ED DIGEST: September 23, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: September 23, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: September 22, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: September 22, 2021

HIGHER ED DIGEST: September 22, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: Oregon's Newberg School District has a race problem that can't be fixed

K-12 DIGEST: September 21, 2021

HIGHER ED DIGEST: September 20, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: September 20, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: September 20, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: Lousiana School Sued, Accused of Allowing Student Bullying

HIGHER ED DIGEST: September 17, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: September 17, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: September 17, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: Alabama State President Quinton Ross on the Art of Relationship Building

HIGHER ED DIGEST: September 16, 2021

K-12 DIGEST: September 16, 2021

HBCU DIGEST: September 16, 2021

Education News Flash Launches in Full

K-12 DIGEST: Did Florida Just Usher in the End of American Standardized Testing?

HBCU DIGEST: Report: Tennessee State Needs More Than $330 Million to Address Urgent Deferred Maintenance in Next 5 Years

LISTEN: Century Foundation Fellow Denise Smith Discusses $53 Billion HBCU Endowment Deficit

HBCU DIGEST: Alabama A&M Presidential Search Making for a Hot Time in Huntsville

HIGHER ED DIGEST - America is Making it Easier for Men to Skip College

HBCU DIGEST: Morgan Alum, Television Executive Travis Mitchell Talks HBCU Week

HBCU DIGEST - Executive Turnover at HBCUs Outpaces Predominantly Black Institutions

HBCU DIGEST - The Quiet Success of Billy Hawkins

Online, Adult Learners Help Morehouse Set New Student Enrollment Record

Rural School Districts Closing Due to Covid Infection Spike

Fisk Jubilee Singers Receive $1.5 Million Gift

School Year Begins With Workforce Shortages

Do Predominantly White Institutions Owe Money to HBCUs?

Report: Maryland HBCU Lawsuit, Settlement Will Total More than $2 Billion in Funding for Black Colleges

How WIll COVID Impact Special Education?

What Governors Are Saying About the Department of Education's Mask Mandate Investigation

Edward Waters Shatters Enrollment Record

Trustees at Alabama A&M Owe Everyone a Quality Presidential Search

LISTEN: How Alabama A&M Broke Fundraising Records, Into the Beer Business

LISTEN: How Tougaloo College Navigated a Cyberattack

A Bad Week For HBCUs in National Media

The Resurrection of Ghost HBCUs?

Spelman President Mary Schmidt Campbell Announces Retirement

What 2020 Census Data Reveals About the Future of HBCU Student Recruitment

LISTEN: Edward Waters President A. Zachary Faison is Trying to Get Free

Good Move from Biden to Include HBCUs in Vaccine Mandate Policy Discussions

Walter Kimbrough to Resign as Dillard President in 2022

Virginia State Renames Campus Facilities Named for Confederate Sympathizers, Honors Black Women

White House Senior COVID-19 Equity Policy Advisor Cameron Webb

The Legal Outlook for COVID on HBCU Campuses This Fall

Hampton's Kadidja Dosso Talks Winning $250K from Pharrell

Social movements, not management, are the new standard of HBCU leadership

Dillard Denies Claims of Academic Fraud Made by Former Dean

Here Are Four Ways That HBCUs Can Boost US International Education Outreach

What Took Tuskegee So Long to Name Charlotte Morris as President?

Alumni Group Looking to Reopen Saint Paul's College

Looking to Rebuild the MEAC? There's a Model in the SIAC

LISTEN: Former Kentucky State President M. Christopher Brown II

Kentucky State President M. Christopher Brown II Resigns

LISTEN: Jackson State President Thomas Hudson

Digest After Dark - The HBCU Florida Man Edition

Is HBCU Land Grant Leadership in Crisis?

Firing James Clark is Too Little and Way Too Late at South Carolina State

Beef Between Howard and its Non-Tenure Faculty Shouldn't Be on Nikole Hannah-Jones' Plate

Howard Professor Ta-Nehisi Coates

Nikole Hannah-Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates Join Howard Faculty

Morning Briefing - July 5, 2021

Morning Briefing - July 2, 2021

The More Things Change: The 2020-2021 HBCU Executive Leadership Turnover Report

The HBCU Digest Will Become Education News Flash on Sept. 1

Phylicia Rashad Tweets Support For Bill Cosby, Howard Responds

Bethune-Cookman Resolves Multi-Million Dollar Dorm Debt

Morning Briefing - June 28, 2021

Iconic HBCU President Frederick Humphries Dies

WATCH: Paul Quinn President Michael Sorrell and Director of the Global Work College Network Amanda Washington Lockett

Morning Briefing - June 23, 2021

WATCH: Digest After Dark - Come On Home Nikole Hannah-Jones

Pennsylvania Saved Cheyney, But Will Budget Issues Shut It Down For Good?

WATCH: Fayetteville State, Howard Alumnus Nicholas Perkins Acquires Fuddruckers National Chain of Restaurants

WATCH: Author, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur Wes Moore

Morning Briefing - June 17, 2021

HBCUs Absent From MacKenzie Scott's Latest $2.7 Billion Round of Historic Philanthropy

Why Howard Phasing Out Student, Alumni, Faculty Seats on Trustee Board May Not Be a Bad Thing

Florida Memorial President Faces Possible Non-Renewal

Morning Briefing - June 14, 2021

WATCH: U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Talks Educational Equity

Johnny Taylor Resigns as Chair of White House HBCU Advisory Board

WATCH: Why Did Two HBCU Presidents in Missouri Leave Suddenly?

Morning Briefing - June 9, 2021

This Fall Could be One of the Toughest for HBCUs on Rape, Transgender Student Access

Evening Briefing - June 7, 2021

LISTEN: Digest After Dark - If You Didn't Have Vision Before the Pandemic...

Evening Briefing - June 1, 2021

Digest After Dark - A White Interim President at an HBCU?

Morning Briefing - May 28, 2021

Going on Vacation

HBCUs Aren't Designed to Support Adult Learners

Evening Briefing - May 24, 2021

SPONSORED - A Conversation for Change on Criminal Justice Reform Presented by PBS

Lincoln Names Athletic Director John Moseley as Interim President

LISTEN: George French Discusses Clark-Atlanta's $5 Million Commencement

Morning Briefing - May 19, 2021

Did Lincoln Choose Foundation Politics Over Leadership Stability?

WATCH: Howard Fine Arts Dean Phylicia Rashad

WATCH: Howard U., Reading Partners D.C. Collaborate for D.C. Youth Literacy Initiative

WATCH: HBCUs at Center of Report on Black College Athlete, Coaching Equity

Evening Briefing - May 12, 2021

Things to Love About Phylicia Rashad as Howard Fine Arts Dean

WATCH: Norfolk State President Javaune Adams-Gaston

Morning Briefing - May 11, 2021

Morning Briefing - May 10, 2021

Morning Briefing - May 7, 2021

WATCH: Digest After Dark: We Might As Well Be High Schools

WATCH: Wiley President Herman Felton

Morning Briefing - May 6, 2021

90% of HBCUs Meet Federal Loan Default Standards, Two HBCUs In Jeopardy of Losing Financial Aid Access

Vaccine Mandates Make Sense for HBCUs

Evening Briefing - May 3, 2021

North Carolina A&T Capital Campaign Raises $181 Million, Believed to Be Largest Amount Ever Raised by a Public HBCU

Evening Briefing - April 29, 2021

Biden Education Plan May Pit 100 HBCUs Against Hundreds of Minority Serving Institutions

WATCH: Elizabeth City State Chancellor Karrie Dixon Talks Tensions Surrounding Andrew Brown Shooting

Hampton Alumna, IBM Program Manager Kayla Lee Reveals Just How Important HBCU Partnerships Can Be

Biden Infrastructure Plan Must Address the HBCU Deferred Maintenance Crisis

Evening Briefing - April 26, 2021

Maryland $577 Million HBCU Lawsuit Settlement Bill May Be Voided as Mediation Deadline Looms

Morning Briefing - April 23, 2021

UNC System Raises Cap for Out-of-State HBCU Student Enrollment and You Still Can't Trust Them

What HBCU Presidents Are Saying About the Derek Chauvin Conviction

A Note on Tonight's Coverage

Morning Briefing - April 20, 2021

LISTEN: Digest After Dark -- The Umar Johnson of HBCUs

Morning Briefing - April 19, 2021

WATCH: HBCUs Missing Millions in Federal International Development Funding

It's Time to Just Believe in Morris Brown's Big Lie

WATCH: UDC President Ron Mason Talks the Role of HBCUs in Shaping Racial Equity

Morning Briefing - April 14, 2021

LISTEN: Tennessee State Head Football Coach Eddie George

Morning Briefing - April 13, 2021

Did Bethune-Cookman's Board Chair Admit to an Accreditation Violation?

Morning Briefing - April 12, 2021

Morning Briefing - April 9, 2021

Are Some HBCUs Bringing Board Foolishness Back Into Style?

Morning Briefing - April 7, 2021

Evening Briefing - April 6, 2021

Tennessee Legislative Report: State Withheld $544 Million in Land-Grant Funding from Tennessee State

Why UNC Should Hire LeVelle Moton and North Carolina Central Should Fight to Keep Him

WATCH: Meet the Scholars Behind Virginia State's Viral Videos

WATCH: BET President of Media Sales Louis Carr

Total HBCU Enrollment Dropped to 20-Year Low in 2019

Democrats and Republicans Are Hurting HBCUs with Free Community College Initiatives

South Carolina State Trustees Retain Clark as President, Blasted By National Alumni Association

WATCH: Kentucky State President M. Christopher Brown Talks HBCU Industrial Partnerships

Evening Briefing - March 30, 2021

PWIs Are Booming in Metro Houston, While Texas Southern is Still Looking for a President

Digest After Dark - March 29, 2021

Morning Briefing - March 29, 2021

Presidential Departure Shows its Time to Follow the Money at Tuskegee

Morning Briefing - March 25, 2021

Two Years Ago Bennett Appeared on the Brink of Extinction. Today It May Be the Blueprint for HBCU Anti-Fragility

WATCH - Historic Signing of $577 Million Settlement Ending Maryland HBCU Discrimination Lawsuit

An HBCU President Desperately Tried to Derail the Maryland HBCU Lawsuit. Fortunately, He Failed.

Evening Briefing - March 22, 2021

Morning Briefing - March 22, 2021

Morning Briefing - March 19, 2021

Faculty and Alumni Have Called For This HBCU President to Be Fired. So Who's Keeping Him in Charge?

10 HBCU Presidents Most Likely to Leave Within 2 Years

The Next Great Plight for HBCUs - Presidential Departures

Report: Bethune-Cookman President Resigns

Morning Briefing - March 16, 2021

Morning Briefing - March 15, 2021

HBCU Digest Job Board

Evening Briefing - March 11, 2021

Morris Brown's Hotel Deal and the Future of HBCU-Corporate Partnerships

WATCH: North Carolina A&T Chancellor Harold Martin Talks Building Dedication in his Honor

Morning Briefing - March 10, 2021

An HBCU Faculty Member Says Kappa Hand Signs Promote Hate Speech

Morning Briefing - March 8, 2021

NBA Executive Vice President Oris Stuart Talks All-Star Game HBCU Outreach

Evening Briefing - March 4, 2021

Morning Briefing - March 4, 2021

The Off-The-Record Excellence of Vernon Jordan

Why is the University of Tennessee Really Partnering with Knoxville College?

Morning Briefing - March 1, 2021

Morning Briefing - February 26, 2021

FAMU's Cheron Davis Shares the 'Beauty and Burden of Being a Black Professor'

Morning Briefing - February 25, 2021

Morning Briefing - February 24, 2021

Evening Briefing - February 23, 2021

ViacomCBS Eyes HBCUs For Next Generation of Tech Talent Development

Morning Briefing - February 22, 2021

Is Jackson State Proving That It Isn't Ready for Primetime?

Sources: Christine Johnson McPhail to Be Named Saint Augustine's President

Glenda Glover is an Easy Scapegoat for HBCU Hypocrisy

Howard Divinity Dean Yolanda Pierce Talks the Future of Black Faith

HBCU Alumnae Look to Build Equity, Diversity in Corporate Landscape

Darrell Allison Named Fayetteville State Chancellor

Digest on Clubhouse - HBCU Professors Say the Slickest Sh*t

Morning Briefing - February 17, 2021

Evening Briefing - February 16, 2021

Morning Briefing - February 16, 2021

Evening Briefing - February 15, 2021

WATCH - Fisk President Vann Newkirk

Morning Briefing - February 15, 2021

Morning Briefing - February 11, 2021

Morning Briefing - February 10, 2021

WATCH: April Curley Isn't Afraid to Take on Google

Morning Briefing - February 9, 2021

Morning Briefing -- February 8, 2021

NCCU's LeVelle Moton Talks Upcoming ESPN Docuseries

Evening Briefing - February 4, 2021

Top Athletes Choosing HBCUs? Hampton's Mo'ne Davis Did it First

Does racism impact Black students choosing HBCUs?

Morning Briefing - February 2, 2021

Virginia Union Provost Terrell Strayhorn Discusses Biden-Harris HBCU Policy Analysis

HBCUs Can't Win With Google

Morning Briefing - February 1

HBCU Alumni Establish National Real Estate Service Database for Black College Graduates

Digest After Dark - The White House, Google, and the NBA All-Star Game

5 Questions HBCU Presidents Should Ask During This Week's White House Zoom Meeting

Morning Briefing - January 27, 2021

Evening Briefing - January 26, 2021

Morning Briefing - What I Really Think About Powerful White Women in the HBCU Sector

Meet the Two Most Powerful White Women in the HBCU Sector

Morning Briefing - January 25, 2021

Could Elon Musk's Space X Initiative Destroy Hampton's Satellite Program?

Facing Trial and Bankruptcy of District, Saint Augustine's Trustee Suspended By Board of AME Zion Bishops

Morning Briefing - January 21, 2021

Evening Briefing - January 20, 2021

The Google-HBCU President Summit Covers Up a Whole Bunch of Folks Not Doing Their Jobs

WATCH: Howard Alumna Kamala Harris Takes Oath of Office as Vice President of the United States

AdWeek Editor David Griner on the Role of HBCUs in Diversifying the Advertising Industry

Morning Briefing - January 19, 2021

Former Virginia State Dean to Be Nominated as US Agriculture Deputy Secretary

Digest After Dark - The Hard Reset

Morning Briefing - January 15, 2021

Morning Briefing - January 14, 2021

Evening Briefing - January 13, 2021

Digest on Clubhouse - HBCUs: Economic Drivers or Gentrifiers?

Morning Briefing - January 13, 2021

Elizabeth City State Left Out of East Carolina Economic Development Plans

Morning Briefing - January 12, 2021

Evening Briefing - January 11, 2021

Here's an Estimate of How Much Each HBCU Will Receive in Second Round of COVID-19 Relief Funding

Morning Briefing - January 11, 2021

Morning Briefing - January 8, 2021

Morning Briefing - January 7, 2021

Evening Briefing - January 6, 2021

Morning Briefing - January 6, 2021

Remembering James Renick

Petition for Removal of Tuskegee Trustees Has Been Years in the Making

2020 Set the Bar a Lot Higher for HBCU Alumni Giving